overcoming anxiety

I have new appreciation for those who say, “Thank God it’s Friday.“ They are taking their lives one day at a time. I’m already worrying about Monday! Such was not always the case. I used to love going to work, but lately I have been drowning in an ocean of crippling anxiety.


I have been forced into a position where I must face this anxiety. It reminds me of taking a class I really hate, but it is required for graduation. I really don’t want to deal with this work situation, but it is putting me face to face with my fears, my weaknesses, my strengths, and my God. I am forced to evaluate how spiritually equipped I am.


The key, I believe, is prayer and acceptance. I have a belief that the Universe knows what She is doing. There is a plan. I may not understand it, but I trust Her. The Universe created me, and Her actions are not arbitrary. I am learning to accept life as the Universe wills.


Pantheism, the Borg, and Deep Inner Peace

Remember the Borg in Star Trek? I have always thought there is a deep spiritual truth in the Borg, as a type of metaphor for the key to the answers of human spirituality. The Borg was a Collective Mind of assimilated beings who had lost their individuality and now operate for the sole purpose of the good of the Collective. Of course, in Star Trek, this collective was an antagonist, but I think at at some level this represents what could be a good thing–the connectedness of all consciousness. Like ants in a colony. Separate only in body, but completely connected in a common purpose buried within each ant’s DNA.

This is probably why I am fascinated with pantheism. There is monotheism (the belief in one god), polytheism (the belief in many gods), and among many other “theisms” there is pantheism. Pantheism is the belief that the totality of the Universe is the one divine entity. This does not mean we are each our own god, but rather we are all part of a singularity.


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains pantheism this way: “At its most general, pantheism may be understood positively as the view that God is identical with the cosmos, the view that there exists nothing which is outside of God, or else negatively as the rejection of any view that considers God as distinct from the universe.” http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pantheism/


This is what the chakras mean to me. Reconnecting to the Collective. Using the mind to redirect my spiritual energies so that I can resume my place in the matrix of all consciousness. That approach does not work for everyone, but it gives me lasting profound inner peace. Soon, I would like to discuss specifically how I can use chakra meditation to “plug in”. Thanks for reading my blog!


My Thoughts on the Collective Mind

As I was watching an episode of Dilbert on Netflix, my mind started wandering, as it constantly does. I have a compulsive habit of trying to find spiritual meaning in everything. I was wondering if perhaps the internet is mankind’s attempt to replicate what we know subconsciously about the spiritual realm. Feasibly, we existed in a spiritual realm before we came to temporarily inhabit a human body, and to that realm we return. For most of us, the memory of that experience is buried so deep within our minds that we can only see our reactions, not the cause.


Here’s an illustration. A toddler falls from the top of the kitchen counter, where he was trying to get some cookies. He hurts himself, but he is frightened by the experience more than physically hurt. Decades later, he has a fear of heights and an obsession with cookies, despite the fact that he cannot remember what happened when he was three years old. He cannot consciously remember, but the memory is buried in his subconscious and he is reacting to it still today.

What if the same thing is happening on a spiritual level? We existed as spirit beings, with a shared mind, and shared thoughts, before we came to live in human form. Now we find ourselves trying to reconnect in the same ways. Early mankind developed language unlike any other on the planet. Ancient Greece was obsessed with learning the lessons of the learned men. The renaissance, the printing press, the telegraph, radio, obsessions with mind readers and clairvoyance, the television. The internet today gives the world access to a healthy chunk of information, and it grows exponentially every year.

god internet2

People hyperbolically ask, “Why do so many people share their every move, their every thought, on Facebook?”. Perhaps it is part of a deeply-rooted instinct to return to a collective mind–a time when we had no secrets. In fact, perhaps we had no separate identities at all. Maybe we were (and are) one fully-integrated being. On the other side.

Lao Tzu Has Been Speaking to Me


I am taking a few days to really contemplate what I am doing and HOW I am doing it.  I feel as though I am not doing my best because I am irritable and discontent where I am.  What do I do to change things?  I don’t want to be where I am and I am having trouble just letting go and allowing the Universe to form my journey.  I am so distracted by my irritability that I am not even motivated to continue my study of the chakras, which was the whole purpose of this blog.  I will continue on the chakras in a couple days, when I recapture my serenity.  Until then, I am meditating on what Lao Tzu has to say to me.




Have they called my number yet? How about now?



It seems as though, no matter how much I just want certain stages of my life to be over, I am stuck waiting.  It sometimes feels as though I am being ungrateful to the Universe, when the truth is, I have SO MUCH to be grateful for.  But I hate waiting.  Then, while I am half-way through the waiting period, I get punched in the gut today.  Not literally, but it felt like it.  I know that somewhere right under the surface there is a fighter, but he is STUCK IN THE WAITING ROOM!


So, I will keep waiting.  In the meantime, I am going to excuse myself from the waiting room.  I need to run around the building a few times and remind myself that I am still alive.


Halcyon Desert


Today I am reminded that I am surrounded by friends who keep me grounded. I am not in this alone. My friends are like flames surrounding a Yule log, keeping me safe. Safe from myself and my destructive thoughts. My friends are my fuel. This photograph was taken today from a friend’s balcony. As I go to bed tonight, I will make a short mental list of close friends and I will thank God for every one of them.

Spiritual Peace

The Spiritual Guru

Spiritual peace can be found only by undertaking a spiritual journey. It is only by travelling a spiritual path that human beings can finally realize that the consciousness within is their spirit and not in a manifested physical form.

As a spirit, we are manifested in human form to work out our karma and remove our impurities within. To cleanse ones self of impurities within is to choose a life cycle of peace.

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A Spiritual path is a journey that directly leads human beings to understanding, beyond what the logical side of our mind can understand. When we indulged ourselves in the service of mankind, we felt happy from within. Indulgence in spirituality means simply, working for humanity at large. A true spiritual traveler never distinguishes self from others. Working for the welfare of mankind all the time.

Travelling path of spirituality has its benefits. You can hear your inner voice from…

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