Balancing Your Root Chakra (part 1)

The root chakra is our connection to the Earth.  It keeps us grounded, connected to the rest of humanity, and feeling safe and secure.  When it is not functioning properly, these emotions are out of whack.  The best way to balance this chakra is to reconnect our body, mind, and spirit with the Earth.

Reconnecting with the Earth can be as easy as hugging a tree (literally), walking barefoot through some soft grass (smelling freshly cut grass will provide an extra boost), and wearing the color red.  If you fall under “excessive” root chakra status, wear green.

Just simply spending time outdoors helps to balance your root chakra.  Play sports, feel the ground on your bare feet, work in your garden, and say to yourself, “I am fully grounded and supported by the Earth.”

Eating more protein and root vegetables, like carrots, is also helpful.  Even when eating French fries, remember the potato it came from.  Potatoes grow in the Earth.  We are supported in every way by the Earth if you think about it.  Feel Mother Earth holding you with her gravity.  She keeps you grounded, fed, and every part of your physical body is made of elements from this amazing planet.

Listening to Native American Drum music is a great way to connect also.  I will include some links to drum music that helps me.  Let your ears help you.  Let your nose help you too.  If you like incense, or candles, burn some cinnamon, sandalwood, cedarwood, myrrh or patchouli.

Ginger is a root herb.  Drink some ginger tea.  Try out some yoga poses.  The foot and leg stretches, core lifts, forward fold, locust, child pose, and simply lying on the floor or ground face down are great ways to encourage a balanced root chakra.

Here are some affirmations you will want to repeat as often as possible:

*I am an innocent person.  *I am disciplined.  *I am safe.  *I accept abundant good health as my natural state.  *I love my body.  *the Universe is a safe place for me.  *I am real.  *I have enough, I know enough, I AM enough.  *I am connected to the Earth and all of humanity.

There is more to be said about balancing the root chakra.  I will continue in the next post.  In the meantime, look for my link to Native American drum music, and help me get a good conversation going.  Namaste!


Update:  Here is the link to the drum music that helps me balance my root chakra:


2 thoughts on “Balancing Your Root Chakra (part 1)”

  1. Thanks for the info. As someone who at 36 who has been plagued by numerous medical issues, I like to look into other ways of treatment. None have worked yet,

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