Your Root Chakra

The most important part of a house is the foundation, or so goes the cliche. The “foundation” of your body’s energy system is your root chakra (also called the ‘base chakra’). It is the energy wheel that emanates from the very bottom of your torso, at the tail of your spinal column. This chakra connects us to the energies of Earth. When this chakra is out of alignment, it affects the rest of our energy system in a big way.

First I want to describe what an imbalanced root chakra looks like, then (in my next post) tell you exactly how to get it back in balance.

A deficient root chakra is letting go of too much energy. You may feel fearful, anxious, or spaced out. Perhaps your life lacks discipline or you are restless. These are signs of a deficient root chakra.

An overactive, or excessive, root chakra is taking in too much energy but not letting enough out. Like having COPD, where you cannot exhale enough to make room for the fresh oxygen to come in. An excessive root chakra leaves you feeling sluggish and heavy. You may struggle with hoarding food or other material things. Do people think you are greedy? Are you a workaholic? You may suffer from an excessive root chakra.

There are a few illnesses associated with an imbalanced root chakra. Constipation, cold hands and feet, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones, are just a few.

Once we balance the root chakra, our whole system will start to heal. Balancing any other chakra before taking care of root chakra problems is a waste of time. In my next post I will list all of the tips I have learned for getting your root chakra back into alignment. Please feel free to comment. All opinions are valued.

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