Heart Chakra

In my studies, I haven’t gotten to the heart chakra yet (I’m working my way up from the bottom–pun intended), but it is good to preview upcoming chakras on other blogs. In the education field, we call this frontloading.

The Spiritual Guru

Q: What type of Chakra Crystal should I use for my heart?

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A: Rose quartz is believed to be a very suitable stone to use for metaphysical work, even for people who are overly sensitive to crystal energy. The main quality of rose quartz is  to be directed towards the Heart Chakra, as its pink color is thought perfectly suited for energy work related to emotional issues.

The energy of rose quartz is considered to be very soothing and gentle, making it the ideal crystal for “heart work”. Carrying a chunk of rose quartz in your pocket or sleeping with a piece under your pillow is thought to help you attune to the energy of love; be it love for oneself, or love for others.Rose quartz is considered a “physical rejuvenation crystal” because when the heart grows healthier, so will the rest of the body, and the heart is the…

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