the sacral chakra


The sacral chakra is located between the sex organs and the belly button.  It is the pleasure center of our physical and spiritual lives.  The Sanskrit name is “svadhisthana” and that means “sweetness”.  It is associated with the color orange.   It tells you that you have the right to feel emotions, to want pleasurable and good things, and that you have the right to be creative.  When it is deficient, you may be worrying about body issues (such as weight or appearance), fearing change, denying yourself pleasure, or a feeling of numbness toward life.  An excessive sacral chakra might lead to severe cravings for whatever makes you feel good.  It may lead you to addiction or obsession.  People with excessive sacral chakras often have weak boundaries with others and extreme emotional dependency in their relationships.

The goddess of the sacral chakra is Aphrodite.  You’re task is to enjoy life.  To balance your sacral chakra, you can use patchouli incense or oil.  Sandalwood, rosewood, gardenia, and pomegranate are also helpful.  Surround yourself with the color orange.  Get up and dance around, try some yoga poses like cat pose or cobra, or learn some of the martial arts.  Eat some tropical fruits, nuts, fish, or seafood.  Common gemstones used to balance the sacral chakra are carnelian, coral, gold calcite, amber, and goldstone.  Massage your ankles.

Some great affirmations for the sacral chakra are:  I deserve pleasure.  I listen to my feelings and emotions.  I embrace my sexuality and my human need for physical touch.  Life is pleasurable.  (You may have to say that last one to yourself even if you don’t believe it.)
Here is a great video of a Chakra expert:


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