up to my sacral

up to my sacral

The sacral chakra (also called the naval chakra)… I am up to that chakra in my personal studies. You know, the thing about working on your chakras is that it brings out a lot of issues that, when you deal with them, you feel more free. So, even if you think the chakras are a bunch of bull, you feel better anyway.
I started last week meditating on the root chakra, dealing with issues of meeting my physical needs (eating right, communing with nature, etc.). This week I am meditating on issues related to my sacral chakra. This is specific to the pleasures of life. Accepting that I have the right to pleasure as a human being is a big one for me. I am grateful for the chakras for making clear symbols for these issues. I can’t wait to keep moving upward, finding more peace in life. Next week is the solar plexus. Perhaps I will see relief of my acid reflux.


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