Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations

It is important to replace “I have to…” with “I want to…” and “I can…”

Fill in the blanks with whatever it is you feel you are obligated to do. Remember, you don’t really HAVE to do anything! You choose to do something because the alternative is not desirable. Whether you admit it or not, you WANT to do that thing! And the fact that you expect it of yourself means YOU CAN do that thing! This applies to other goals that may feel more fun, not just those things that we feel we must do.

You don’t want to sell your TV to pay the rent this month? You don’t HAVE to. You could just skip your rent and get kicked out next month. No, you WANT to sell the TV so that you can continue to live in your home. You see, it is telling the truth if we start replacing “I have to…” with “I want to…” and it makes every obligation an affirmation!

(Click on the picture for an eHow article that will educate you on replacing negative words with positive ones)


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