My Thoughts on the Collective Mind

As I was watching an episode of Dilbert on Netflix, my mind started wandering, as it constantly does. I have a compulsive habit of trying to find spiritual meaning in everything. I was wondering if perhaps the internet is mankind’s attempt to replicate what we know subconsciously about the spiritual realm. Feasibly, we existed in a spiritual realm before we came to temporarily inhabit a human body, and to that realm we return. For most of us, the memory of that experience is buried so deep within our minds that we can only see our reactions, not the cause.


Here’s an illustration. A toddler falls from the top of the kitchen counter, where he was trying to get some cookies. He hurts himself, but he is frightened by the experience more than physically hurt. Decades later, he has a fear of heights and an obsession with cookies, despite the fact that he cannot remember what happened when he was three years old. He cannot consciously remember, but the memory is buried in his subconscious and he is reacting to it still today.

What if the same thing is happening on a spiritual level? We existed as spirit beings, with a shared mind, and shared thoughts, before we came to live in human form. Now we find ourselves trying to reconnect in the same ways. Early mankind developed language unlike any other on the planet. Ancient Greece was obsessed with learning the lessons of the learned men. The renaissance, the printing press, the telegraph, radio, obsessions with mind readers and clairvoyance, the television. The internet today gives the world access to a healthy chunk of information, and it grows exponentially every year.

god internet2

People hyperbolically ask, “Why do so many people share their every move, their every thought, on Facebook?”. Perhaps it is part of a deeply-rooted instinct to return to a collective mind–a time when we had no secrets. In fact, perhaps we had no separate identities at all. Maybe we were (and are) one fully-integrated being. On the other side.


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Collective Mind”

  1. funny you should say you look for spirituality in everything now. I recently started doing that. i love TV and especially movies. I look for meaning in everything. I believe we (most of us) have past lives where we have been of one mind, physically and mentally. I believe at one time we were all telepathic, too, but have lost the art with too many words. Also, what we did as children does effect our adult life even if we can’t remember or know why, we have phobias, issues, pains from childhood. Thanks 🙂

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