Pantheism, the Borg, and Deep Inner Peace

Remember the Borg in Star Trek? I have always thought there is a deep spiritual truth in the Borg, as a type of metaphor for the key to the answers of human spirituality. The Borg was a Collective Mind of assimilated beings who had lost their individuality and now operate for the sole purpose of the good of the Collective. Of course, in Star Trek, this collective was an antagonist, but I think at at some level this represents what could be a good thing–the connectedness of all consciousness. Like ants in a colony. Separate only in body, but completely connected in a common purpose buried within each ant’s DNA.

This is probably why I am fascinated with pantheism. There is monotheism (the belief in one god), polytheism (the belief in many gods), and among many other “theisms” there is pantheism. Pantheism is the belief that the totality of the Universe is the one divine entity. This does not mean we are each our own god, but rather we are all part of a singularity.


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains pantheism this way: “At its most general, pantheism may be understood positively as the view that God is identical with the cosmos, the view that there exists nothing which is outside of God, or else negatively as the rejection of any view that considers God as distinct from the universe.”


This is what the chakras mean to me. Reconnecting to the Collective. Using the mind to redirect my spiritual energies so that I can resume my place in the matrix of all consciousness. That approach does not work for everyone, but it gives me lasting profound inner peace. Soon, I would like to discuss specifically how I can use chakra meditation to “plug in”. Thanks for reading my blog!



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