two emotions that stall spiritual growth

The article below is an excerpt from the site . I do not take credit for writing it, but I was very touched by what it said and wanted to share with my readers. I also suggest you take a look at his site. He seems very intuitive and has some really good things to say.


We are all on a path to becoming better versions of ourselves—improving and understanding who we are as spiritual beings and seeing ourselves as part of Source. Part of that involves being able to release emotional and mental clutter that keep our vibrations low. There are two emotions that are very heavy and not only make it difficult to evolve spiritually, they also inhibit our ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness.

As you grow and evolve, that rate goes higher—moving your consciousness out of the 4th dimension and into the 5th and 6th. Most souls vibrate in the 4th because most people are holding on to very low vibrational energies, like fear, anger, guilt, etc. Anything that encourages separation from our Source keeps us vibrating at a lower frequency. According to my Guides, the two heaviest emotions prevalent on our planet are Anger and Fear.


We’ve all seen anger in action. It’s that “me vs. you” energy. It’s the “I’m more important than you” energy. Most people get angry because somebody or something won’t conform or cooperate with them. It’s the energy of control and it’s the ultimate separation from Source. Anger essentially operates out of scarcity and lack. I’m currently in the middle of a spiritual practice at the moment to release anger. I didn’t think I had much anger weighing me down, but I’m beginning to notice how much it shows up in my life. For me, it’s in the form of judgement of others. There are people in my life who seem to trigger such feelings inside of me and it’s only through paying attention to it, I’ve been able to release it. Ultimately, we’re all moving into an energy of acceptance and non-judgement and anger is the opposite of that state of being.


Fear is an illusion. The reality is that we ultimately have nothing to be afraid of. Most things that keep us in the energy of fear are ridiculous anyways. Fear really comes from the belief that we are not safe. There was a time in our history where our ancestors needed to feel fear in order to not get killed. Breaking against the beliefs and the traditions of a village, for example, could get the entire village killed. We carry this in our DNA and it’s simply not necessary anymore. We live in a time period where we simply don’t need to be afraid of such things.

How to eliminate Anger and Fear:

Do a cleanse. Liver detoxes, in particular, are excellent for removing anger from the body. In Eastern Medicine, anger is stored in the liver. Cleanses are a great way to remove toxins from the body.

Make a list. Pull out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two columns. In the left column, write “Anger” and in the right column, right “Fear”. Begin to make a list of everything, every person, and every circumstance that trigger anger and fear. Remember. Nobody “makes you” feel anything. As you make your list, take ownership of YOUR stuff!

Recognize it when it shows up in your life and immediate release it.


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