my Sunday morning sofa syndrome

Every Sunday morning, I have a choice of two inspiring groups from which I can attend. They are both at ten o’clock. I often start struggling on Saturday trying to decide which one to attend the next morning. Then Sunday morning hits, and I find myself sitting next to my sweetheart Chloe (see picture of Chloe below), and I have a tall mug of hot coffee, about 6:00 a.m., and suddenly I feel there is a third choice for Sunday morning. Stay here with Chloe and my coffee.


But I’m not in charge of planning every detail of my life. I have a Higher Power that knows a lot more about the big picture than I do. My Higher Power knows that if I don’t get my ass off this sofa, and contribute to the mainstream of life, I will soon find myself out of rhythm with the Universe.

I hear people talk about getting active as a physical fitness affirmation. For me, I have to get active as a mental fitness exercise. Whether I go to my Sunday Morning twelve-step group, or the Unity Church, it doesn’t really matter, AS LONG AS I GET MY ASS OFF THIS COUCH. I need that reminder that I am part of the mainstream of life.


No doubt we have all hit spells when we didn’t feel the urge to get the day going. Pulling the covers up around us seemed far more inviting. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally resisting the next twenty-four hours. We do need variety in our lives. Even a healthy, fun routine is still a routine. Shaking it up is good for us. But if we make a habit of avoiding whatever plans we’ve made, we need to take an inventory of our feelings. Depression isn’t foreign to most of us. Chronic depression needs to be addressed, however.

If we begin to feel blue about our lives, let’s make sure we are expressing our feelings to a friend. Generally, there is a simple solution. Maybe we have forgotten to pray and meditate regularly. Perhaps we have become self-absorbed. Being appreciative of others generally changes how we see every aspect of our lives. Recounting with a confidant or in a journal all the blessings and achievements we’ve accumulated over these many decades often pushes us out of the doldrums.


Let’s remember that most days surprised us with their outcomes. We never got exactly what we expected. This is one certainty about life that we can always count on. And the other thing I can always count on is that Chloe will be home waiting for me, and VERY excited to see me.



2 thoughts on “my Sunday morning sofa syndrome”

  1. True, Very True my Friend. Get your ass off that sofa, take your ass a shower and get out. Im always here for you to, if you choose to want to go on a hike, or to the dog park with the girls. I am here. …..
    I know your struggles and I am here for YOU just as YOU been here for ME.

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