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That Day

I wanted to share this poem that I wrote on April 2nd.  It was meant as a reflection of my social anxiety.

“That Day” by John Adams

Blown about by winds of fear,
a timid prayer escapes my lips.
How long shall they overcome me?
As long as the part is played?
Counting minutes ’til curtain;
the great finale–the close of the great
when trembling fingers
pull uncertain mask strings,
and the whole company–
the antagonist, the hero,
the lovers, and the dead–
rise, maskless,
bowing upon applause
with vulnerable human faces.

Undeniably, that day,
the scales will fall.
But for just one moment
my eyes shall seek comfort
in the unsteady hands
of the whole company.


The Earth Chakra System and How We Can Tune into It

Try putting pictures (or postcards, or computer backgrounds) of places in the world that correspond to the chakra you are working on. For example, I am currently working on my root chakra, so I will set my computer background with a picture of Mount Shasta.a2c3c049dbee11ea19d85a0e9a454ece